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Honey Bee Pest Control Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane & Near Me

We use best honey bees removal methods & treatments to provide highly effective honey bee control services in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai and Pune. We are Mumbai based company who is consistently offering our honey bee services in many residential & commercial premises.

Honey bees are eco-friendly pollinators and their natural honey tastes very sweet. But honey bees tend to form colonies and hives on the walls and ceilings of homes and offices can be a serious threat. A honey bee's sting is very painful and leads to stressful and allergic reaction in many people. The big hives can also damage the ceiling or wall structure due to seepage and stained insulation. Abandoned hives tend to attract other pests like ants, rodents, and flies. Our state of art Honey Bee service in Chembur takes all these significant factors into consideration. Our Honey Bee service in Mumbai is offered by beekeeping experts with the assistance of best vacuum technology, inspection methods, and safety equipment.

Hives are built by thousands of honey bees, and they become very aggressive when threatened by humans. Management and control of honey bees is a specialised skill, and our experienced team of professionals offer the most reliable Honey Bee pest control service.

Our team of experts use the most sophisticated tools and extraction techniques for complete removal of honey combs, bees, and hives. New Pest Control Honey Bee service does not compromise on quality, and the daunting task also includes honey removal to ensure cleanliness. A systematic approach is adopted by our professionals while offering honey comb removal and relocation services.

Honey Bee Pest Control Service in Mumbai

A detailed inspection of the home or office premises is conducted initially to assess the severity of honey bee infestation. A proper risk analysis is performed and a tailor made honey bee removal solution is offered to the customers. The best practises in integrated pest management are applied according to a plan in order to reduce any further damage to the property. The honey bee service is offered with the assistance of advanced tools and techniques including veil suits, gloves, smoker, frame lifter, holder, grip tool, scraper, and bee vacuum. The specialised tools can be very effective in removing honey combs that are located at any height on the walls, ceilings, and trees of homes, offices, backyards, and front lawns.

Professional pest controllers have the ability to devise effective bee removal solutions without causing any disturbance to people. Our trained experts have the knack of locating the nest whether it is visible or hidden behind a structure. The types of bees, their aggression factor, and attack potential are carefully considered to minimize risk. Soft suction devices are used to remove the honeycomb and bees without damaging the property. Potential threats such as bee attack or sting are eliminated due to the efficient use of right techniques and tools. The hallmarks of our professional Honey Bee service in Chembur, Mumbai are safety, effectiveness, high cleanliness standards, and technical finesse.

Annual Maintenance Contract

For residential apartments the AMC includes 3 services in a year but it also depends upon the level of infestation. Any re-infestation in the contract period is done without any additional charges. We recommend 4 services in a year for small commercial premises and for larger premises inspection is mandatory.